The couple matricentrada Venezuelan family

The couple matricentrada Venezuelan family is characterized by a relationship where there is union but not marriage, including, according to Samuel Hurtado, easily breaking “because there is no true love commitment, unique and forever the marriage bond indisoluble.La couple from the study analyzed popular family, and is defined as a circumstance determined by the time shared utility “must speak over mating partner. Pairing bodies, needs, interests, multiple complementarities, when were updated, lose functionality, closes a cycle, and they are released to the components to start another.

Based on these considerations, in terms of family structure, popular sector there is a strong presence of households headed by women abandoned / single mother and her children. 



family relationships consisting of a number of nuclear families gathered on an equal basis for mutual aid. In addition, meeting, these nuclear families are linked by geographical proximity requirements or occupational similarity. It differs from classic has not overbearing boss or geographical proximity or occupational dependence, and the nuclear family is distinguished among the members of the extended family there is a mutual aid changed considerably and, consequently, the nuclear family faces the world as an isolated unit

the second part of my personal life

I aspire to go to Venezuela to organize my life and move on studying and working, I am studying in school ALC, I before coming to Trinidad to work in Caracas in a group called GAES, is intelligence, I am the third of my brothers, I have 28 years, I am married, I have children, I am in Communications and Electronics engineer, I went to study in the Armed Forces because of that my parents had to pay for my college, I graduated in the year 2008, weekdays work, study and go to the gym, on the weekends I walk, playing volleyball, walking, I go shopping and do my homework.

Description of my personal and family life

My family consists of two brothers their names are Mark and Yunior, and one sister his name is Yurmaryeelis, my dad his name is Ismerio, my mother her name is Elia and me, my older brother is tall and skinny frame, has black hair, a military has two daughters their names are Nahomy and Sophia, my younger sister has a son his name is Luis Fabiano, my parents are merchants, all get along really well, we try to have communication with all the problems that comes our way, my parents live with my younger sister and my nephew in the town of Trujillo State Escuque, my brothers are working in the military and National Guard detachments, and I commission meeting here in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for work which ended my mission in August 2013.


Location: South of Trujillo state.


It is made pro four parishes: Escuque Escuque Capital (Capital District), Savannah Free, Free Savannah Capital, Capital Union El Alto, Santa Rita capital La Mata.


Escuque  land of clouds, poets, artisans, sculptors and painters. Crib that gave birth to Salvador Valero, Eloisa Torres, Antonio José Fernández (Ring Man), Antonio Perez Carmona, Ramon Palomares, well … Escuque has potential in men and women workers of dreams and hopes.


Our origins date back to an aboriginal people called “Skukey” Cuica dialect that means “place of many feathers or Land of Clouds” and smith working people in agriculture, handicrafts, and ritual wealth. Upon arrival of the Spanish, through violent invasion, it destroys the cultural heritage and this population, despite the years continues to resist.


The State Trujillo is located west of Venezuela in the Andean region. bounded on the north by Lara and Zulia, on the south by Barinas and Merida, on the east by Lara and Portuguesa and to the west by Zulia.

Trujillo is a word of Arabic origin which comes from the ancient name of the city of tungala missing in the province of Cáceres in Extremadura, Spain. Then his spelling turned into Truxillo and then Trujillo. The state was created in 1899 with the name of Trujillo. Its name was taken from the capital originally called City Notebook for having been established in seven different occasions. It was founded by Captain Diego Garcia de Paredes Extremadura who gave the name to his hometown located in the province of Cáceres in Spain.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center is a skyscraper built in Shanghai, China and the construction of this building began in 1997, although due to the Asian crisis, the company that holds its construction, the Japanese Mori Building Corporation, temporarily halted construction , taken in 2003, which was intended to be one of the highest in the world occupying one of the top 10 world’s tallest buildings. Its final height is 492 meters and has 101 floors consisting of offices, rooms, conference rooms, observation decks and shops. The design corresponds to the architectural Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and East China Architectural Design & Research Institute. It is located in the Pudong area, next to the Jin Mao Tower. The building has a mixed structure of reinforced concrete and steel, which have had a spectacular appearance during execution.